The other down side of eating enchiladas

Asha wakes up around 7:00am on most days which is not bad. Every once in a while though I hear the baby monitor crackle with loud babbling, singing, and callings of “mammy” and “daddy” even before the break of dawn. This morning I took a peek at the screen on the monitor and I could see her eyes glowing back at me like in a sequel to The Paranormal Activity. She knows I am on the other end looking at this and her message is always loud and clear – it’s party time!  

This morning I headed downstairs to get her and noticed that her pajamas were wet. A leaky diaper…no big deal. I turned on the lights to change her and to my horror saw giant red stains on the sheets, on her blanket, and on her pajama bottoms. There is no worse way to greet your child then to see bloodstains dotted all over the place. In a controlled but assertive voice I called for Devang who must have sensed the panic in my voice because he came running down and had the same reaction to the red stains.

I quickly undid the diaper and upon closer inspection of the bloody red contents fond tiny speckles of black beans and green peppers.’s just enchiladas from dinner last night….haahaa!

Devang examines and confirms. Damn you red dye # whatever and why are you in my enchilada sauce?

Worst 30-seconds of life over and out! I have never been so wide awake so quickly.

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