New Year’s Brunch


Komal, Gaurang, Anand, Molly, and Mukund joined us for brunch to celebrate the New Year!

On the menu were Nutella and orange soaked banana crepes, individual egg fritatas, biscuits, lemon curd, pomegranate seeds. Devang and Asha brewed some coffee with freshly ground beans. It’s something they do almost every morning and I am convinced that my daughter is going to be a caffeine connoisseur and addict just like her parents. We lingered over brunch and watched that snow fall some more.

Later Devang and I spontaneously started cleaning and organizing those closets and drawers that accumulate all the random things. We did really well and got ride of so much junk. Asha took a long nap meantime to make up for all the partying she did last night in her fancy dress.

I finally finished reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and started on The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. We ate pizza for dinner and discovered the Walking Dead Marathon on AMC (which goes on till 4:00am and I can only hope that I don’t get caught up in it).

Here’s to a great start to a brand new year. Cheers!

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