Hanging out at the Beach

It was Tuesday evening and I was on my way home from work when Devang asked if we should go to the beach and indulge in some Volleyball. It’s July so the obvious answer was “oooo yeaa”. We packed the essentials, sun-blocked the munchkin, and looked forward to seeing if she would enjoy her first trip to the water.

 North Avenue Beach was packed. A thin mist of sand hung in the air from the many volleyball games going on around us. Asha looked around as if she had landed on Mars. She was so intrigued and excited by the whole scene. Her tiny feet liked the dry sand but not so much the water. I stayed with her and read my book while Devang played volleyball. Then we took some beautiful pictures and called it a day.
Hanging out at the beach on a hot summer day was a lot of fun.

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