Libations – DIY

My friends from DC will soon be gracing Chicago. Combining people I love in the city I love spells EPIC. No doubt.
To celebrate this momentus ocassion I found the cheapest Vodka at my local grocery store. $8.99 for 750 ml. It looks so legit with the crest and all. And of course the “lightweight traveler” thing completely sold me too.
Back in May I had shared some ideas on how to infuse vodka at home. Steph had raised a very important question about whether cheap vodka would work for this DIY Libation. Well Steph I thought you should find out for yourself.
I chose strawberries as my infusing agent since it’s summer and berries are in abundance. They are organic unsprayed strawberries which cost almost as much as the vodka. Don’t be cheap and use regular strawberries; alcohol poisoning is acceptable on my watch but not pesticide poisoning. I care.  
The jar is sitting in a dark cool spot in my kitchen. I am going out of town this weekend and won’t get a chance to shake the jar daily as recommended by several recipes. I thought about having Mukund, who lives three blocks away, come in to waggle the jar but honestly it sounded like a weird request (especially after I had already declined his offering to water the plants while I was away).  So let’s just say that I am hoping that the whole shaking thing is not a requirement. Steph, don’t worry if this doesn’t work out. I have back up.

If this works, Wolfschmidt might just become my favorite.

Cheers to the impending good times!

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