Paris. Day Duex.

It was colder and wetter than yesterday, but the adventure continues.

We ventured out to the Opera, Pompidou, St. German, Bastille, and my sister’s favorite, the Louis Vuitton store in the Galleria Lafayette. I tried to talk her out from buying a $650 handbag. HANDBAG!! For the time being she has decided to sleep over it, but I am not sure she will change her mind. Tomorrow is another day. To each their own I suppose.

No unusual food discoveries today, just some really terrific classics. On the way back to our hotel at about 1:00am, we saw that a patisserie was still(!) open and thus couldn’t help getting a bed time snack: aย tartelette aux framboises (pictured above).ย 

Here are pictures from day two as promised. Au revoir.

2 thoughts

  1. Oh my, these are awesome pictures….and that picture of you two–two beautiful girls on a mission.

    Oh and as for the handbag, hopefully it is gold beaded….. heheh… ;)


  2. Chika,
    Beautiful girls are fab
    You inspired me for the theme party.

    My Bridal Shower will have a theme of Arabic Night…

    Thanks for inspiring and sharing!!



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