A Year in Review.

It’s time folks to pour bourbon on the rocks*, sit back, and ponder on the days gone by. 2010 presented itself with so many exciting changes for me. For one I got married. For two I moved to Chicago. Life is good.
Too much to drink may be? Nishi and JP collapse on the dance floor at the reception as people watch in horror and amusement.


At the wedding, Eshaan and Aashrai walk down the aisle to get the crowd going. I make an entrance later.

Me, looking especially happy during Viddai which is when 99% of the brides cry because they are leaving their family behind.
Gaurang, Komal, Annie, Anchal, Geeta, Steph, and Neel, with the Bride and Groom shortly after the hour long wedding ceremony.
Friends hanging out in our bridal suit before the reception.
Devang, Me, and Angel at the reception. Before Angel passes out from over indulgence at the open bar. Or so I am told.
I can’t say what the rest of them are excited about, but I am cheering because this marked the end of week long process of getting married. I was DONE. I made it without embarassing anyone. That’s a surprise for those who know me well.
All my uncles, aunts, and cousins on my Mom side of the family. There was no room left to have devang’s family stand in too.  
My favorite picture of mom and dad from the entire wedding weekend.
My cousin Harsh, who also played co-MC, breaking it down on the dance floor at the reception.
awwww!!! So priceless! I know.
Having said that, it was also the year of epic laziness. Below is the list of goals which I drafted in the beginning of 2010 and what came of it.

Speak Italian: It’s harder than I thought. Love for Italian food doesn’t make it easier to learn Italian.
Change a tire : I haven’t driven a car since I moved to Chicago.
Sew a skirt and an apron
Play one tune on the guitar: Jake, I hope you are taking good care of my guitar.
Sharpen a knife : The year is not yet over. I plan to go home and do this today.

Play board games: But I discovered Xbox Kinect. 
Camp on the beach: Came close. I went to Ocean City, MD with Melissa, Neel, Steph, and Jen. It was beyond fun.
Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
Watch Casablanca
Watch top 10 movies of all time
Visit the National Cathedral
Visit Arlington Cemetery
Visit Cousin and Friend in Denver
Coffee with HP
Take a vacation with Sister

Run at least 75 miles per month: Total miles for 2010 = $587.51. 157.49 less than last year.
Go skiing/XC skiing
Learn to surf: Sorry Neel.
Go Kayaking-Canoeing on the Potomac: Twilight Kayak tour from Jack’s Boat House in Georgetown, DC, with Neel, Sugato, and someone else who’s name I can’t remember at this time.
Plan a night group bike ride
Run a half marathon in October
Hike part of the Appalachian Trail in Shenandoah Valley
Ride the entire RCP Trail:
Sub 1:20 at the Cherry Blossom 2010: Ran a 1:33 instead.
Build Better Abs

Cook with my Grandma
Make Pasta from scratch
Make a soufflé
Make 5 recipes from Julia’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking
Cook dinner for mom and dad
Grow an Herb Garden
Make soup in Crockpot
Taste Cherry Pie.
Bake more Bread

A DSLR camera
Camping Gear
A chef’s knife

Start planning for my epic trip to Northern India/Nepal in 2011: Planning is totally underway.
Read > TV
Crossword puzzles: Success!! I do a crossword puzzle almost every day. I’m getting better.

That’s 6 out of 40. A success rate of 15%. So like I said, 2010 was a radically exciting year which changed my life without me having to make much effort.

2011 is upon us. I have thoughts on what I want to accomplish and will share with you soon. Thank you for putting up with my musings. I really appreciate all your comments and support. I hope you have a safe and happy new year.

Bottoms up.

* Pour enough to cover two ice cubes. Let it sit for 2 minutes. Then sip.

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