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Here is my first evidence to you that I can now speak minuscule amounts of Italian. We learnt how to count in our last class. Cinquanta Cinque, fifty five for those not as fluent, was my favorite number of the night. I like the alliteration which somehow enlivens the good ol’ fifty five. Coincidently, it is also the number of miles I’ve run thus far in the aging New Year. Or as the Italian in me would say it, Io ho correro cinquanta cinque miglia in le nuovo anno.


Last year I focused more on the quantity rather than the quality of my runs. I strived for higher mileage instead of running better and smarter. This year, I want to run faster and build endurance. I am keeping a log of when/where I ran; weather/time/mood, and of course the pace and time. I am incorporating more hills, speed work, and weight training. Proper nutrition is more of a priority. Hopefully I’ll see results in the Cherry Blossom 10 miler which is the only race I’ve registered for as of now. I am looking for a 5K in the near future. I’ve never run this distance in an official race and would like to set a PR.

In keeping with the goals for 2010, I have 20 more miles to go before month end. Since I’ve incorporated hills/speed work, my legs have begged for a longer rest period between runs. I’ve been too generous with this request and taken too many days off in the beginning. Now I am stuck with running 20 miles in 4 to 5 five days with a bitching left knee. Next month I’ll be more consistant. Hopefully as time goes by, I will feel fresh more often than not.

I leave you with some Italian vocabulary. Ciao!

Cat = il gatto
Dog = il cane
Fox = la volpe
Beer – la birra
Potato = la patata
Wednesday = Mercoledi
January = Gennaio

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