Halloween and the last minute costume

I was short on luck and motivation this Halloween.
The costume came together about an hour before the festivities began.
I raided my closet for pieces with loud prints and bright colors and then proceeded to wear them all. I paired the ensemble with two different shoes and earrings, in addition to some other colorful accessories.

I took off some of the layers as the night progressed (it was too hot in the clubz), until I was left with a paisley print silk dress and two miss matched shoes. For a bystander I must have looked like a lazy drunk who didn’t dress-up lost one shoe and stole another. But I was neither drunk nor a thief and felt the need to defend my position each time someone said, did you know you have two different shoes on. I would point to my purse to show the other layers while simultaneous explaining how I was Miss-matched. Until I realized I was talking to a guy dressed as a cardboard robot and then I just walked away.

In the picture:
Anchal as Honey Bee, Miss Matched, Geeta as the Super Girl.

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