Driving Home

Driving alone for 7 hours can get awfully boring. It doesn’t help that listening to music makes me sleepy. Usually, I skip between various public radio stations but lately it seems like no one is giving them money and all they can afford are some classical tunes. On the other hand, Christian radio stations are flourishing beyond belief.

To keep me company this time around, I decided to leave my camera in the passenger seat. It’s a dangerous idea for sure. But I managed to get some cool pictures before killing myself or someone else. The one above is a glimpse of the Richmond skyline off of 95. The sight of it always makes me gasp for air; it’s pretty and it indicates that I have passed the sewer plant and breathing again is okay. Second highlight of the drive included a strawberry milkshake from DQ. Another dangerous idea that will not be repeated for a long time to come.

Complaining aside, the drive to Charlotte is much more interesting than I claim. After reading Confederates in the Attic, I’ve realized that the route is lined with many Civil War sites that are worth checking out. There is also this house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s. Named after its two owners the Pope-Leighey House was moved here from Falls Church, VA during the construction of Highway 66.

It’s the journey, not just the destination. One of these days I’ll have time to explore. I hope.

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