A day at the ballpark

You can bet that people like me who don’t really care for baseball often get “stuck” with company suite tickets. I always feel guilty accepting them because I know someone out there who really cares for the Nationals would find more joy and satisfaction from these tickets. But you know, that suite is pretty sweet! It’s right behind the home base. The bathroom is the best bathroom I’ve ever used in my life. And then there is the food, drinks, and the special treatment! I get over my guilt pretty quickly as one can imagine. But I am good at sharing, so I make sure I take someone with me who does know a thing or two about baseball…to even things out!

Last Saturday, Neel and I spent most of the afternoon watching Nationals beat the Cardinals at the new ball park. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed our cheese fries and chili while sitting in the open area outside the suite. I asked stupid questions about team uniforms and Neel patiently listened and commented. There was a home run at one point and that was cool. I attempted to sing take me out to the ball game. And finally there were some fireworks when the Nationals won.

Since no one really comes around to kick you out of a suite after the game is over, we just hung around for a while and watched the staff clean and prep the field. By the time we decided to get up and leave, the stadium was mostly empty. So instead, we grabbed my camera and decided to explore. And that was the most fun!

An extreme close-up of Ben’s Chili Bowl’s chili bean that slipped from my spoon.


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