Friday Fantasy: Eating an ice cream cone in the park

Today was a Meeting-Marathon Friday.
I have these once or twice a month when from 10:00am to 1:00pm I listen to attorneys, underwriters, and clients battle out the terms of a new loan in my portfolio. If I cared to learn how deals are made, I’d pay attention. But I don’t. So instead, I sit and fantasize about fun things that I could be doing, all the while hoping that no one calls on me.

Today’s Friday Fantasy involved an ice cream cone, a park, wind blowing through my hair, sunshine, and happiness. So when 1:00pm rolled around, I grabbed my buck and headed to McDonald’s. I bought an ice cream sundae and walked over to DuPont Circle.

There, I sat on a bench eating my sundae and watching other happy people.
The wind was blowing through my hair. The sun was warming my bare legs, and I was smiling for no reason at all. Well, except that I was living my tiny fantasy.

Hope you are having a good day too.

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