Farewell to my shoes

Dear Asics 2120:

Don’t hate me. I bought you with the best intentions. Together we were supposed to run races and conquer the trails of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Instead, I left you somewhere in the dark corners of my closet for months on end. Finally when I couldn’t button any of my pants, I pulled you out and begged for your help.

I’m sure you were excited. But you soon realized that the aforementioned trails were nowhere to be found. All you saw was the black of the treadmill belt.

But you stuck with me. And besides saving me hundred of dollars in new pants, you eventually helped me get over my fear of the outdoors. You were made to do bigger, better, and faster things, but thanks for putting up with me.


New shoes: Asics 2140. Took them for a quick 5 mile run today. It made me realize just how worn out my 2120s were; they should have been replaced months ago.

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