Feeling sore and stiff

This morning I felt stiff as a board. I couldn’t move because of my over-zealous lunge and squat workout yesterday. The morning’s run as a result was cut short to 3 miles and the entire time I felt like I was running with ski boots on.
Last week I ran 37 miles. Peanuts compared to pretty much every standard out there, but it’s the most I’ve EVER run in a week. I’m happy that over half of those miles were outside despite the winter weather. Hopefully this number will only improve in the coming days.

Goal for this week is to round off to 40 miles with at least 25 miles outside.

In other news:

The bread experiment continues on. It’s day 55 of not buying store bread. Err…I’ve been guilty of sneaking a slice or two from Komal’s loaf but at least I didn’t buy it! What!!? That’s legit.

I am half way through my last semester of grad school. Do you realize how good it feels to say that. Sigh. The pain will soon be over. ….drums…. (Heather, with me?).

Also, I found this funny cartoon on the inter web somewhere.  It is so stupid and silly but I laughed deliriously anyway!

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