Guten Tag!

Germany has been on my mind since my trip with Angel this past May.
So much so that I decided to apply for a 9 month fellowship to live and work there starting next September. This is a classic case of doing before thinking.  No, I don’t speak German, and yes it would mean being so dar away from Devang. There is a plethora of other reasons too including my nephews, my family, my job, and my Chicago, that make this all so crazy.

But, I’m good at ignoring things you see just for an adventure.

I put together my application hours before it was due mostly because I found out about this moments before the deadline. Among other things, I realized that I could have done a much better job at the personal statement. I am not terrible good with personal statements because they force me to walk the fine line between what they want to hear and what I want to say!

The competition is fierce and I already know that I hold a very very very very…did I say very…small chance of winning this opportunity. But you know, it’s fun just to imagine it even if nothing came of it.

And not to jinx it but I have this feeling that I had during the summer before my 7th grade. I was awaiting my final grade and all that time while I waited I saw the number 7 pop up everywhere. While I played cards, while I watched TV, went shopping, ate, and whatever else I did, the number 7 was always standing out and getting noticed. Sure enough days later I found out I had won the 7th place in class.

I have that same feeling now. Everything I do, see, and hear is somehow connected to Germany. I mean sure it could be similar to noticing more one-headlighted cars on the road once yours is dead. But do you think it’s a subliminal message telling me to start taking German lessons?

I also wanted to share some pictures from our trip.  It’s all pre digital era and I am not sure how but I managed to scan the actual pictures in a very small file.  Squinting is recommended.

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