Life’s persistant questions.

Things I wonder about before 9:00am on most days: -What should I wear to look like a Banker instead of looking like I-don't-give-a-crap? -Do I want to attempt running home today? If so, are the shoes too stinky to put in the same bag as the lunch? -(Along the same lines) Which bag will hold… Continue reading Life’s persistant questions.


A day trip to the Great Falls, MD

On Sunday morning these three unsuspecting friends┬áreceived an unexpected call from me asking them to strap on their sneakers and get ready for a surprise. To my surprise, they complied without arguing or asking questions. Perhaps still hungover from their Saturday night shindig to be too inquisitive. From Left: Rahul, Davina, Neel. My surprise involved… Continue reading A day trip to the Great Falls, MD