Happy 2nd Birthday Arjun!

  Arjun turned two on Mother’s day and like every mother out there, I am wondering just how my baby got so big so quickly!

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Space Ship 2.0

I have shared my amateur craftiness with cardboard boxes here before, when I’ve repurposed them into various kid toys including a pet cat and a spaceship (1.0). As an adult with a smallish house, I can’t stand the look of big, plastic-y, brightly colored commercial toys littered everywhere (and believe me when I say that like the […]

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A Vintage Vanity Makeover

Vintage Vanity Makeover. Furniture

I am a bit of a furniture junkie! I love buying old pieces with good bones and refinishing them into something that is sold for a lot of money at design stores. When I lived in Chicago, the two things that stopped me from pursuing this hobby more was, 1) living on a third story walk-up condo, […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons

Here is a great snack to accompany your inauguration viewing party today. Not quite lemons exactly, but these dried orange slices dipped in dark chocolate, are a good reminder of the good things in life that continue to be.

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Afternoon Tea (at home)

afternoon tea at home

For a self professed loner who truly enjoys being and doing things on my own, I have to make a conscious decision to mingle and see other people. Like, putting it on a to-do list for instance. Even if the company is casual and someone I have known forever, it needs reminding myself that it’s […]

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My New Favorite Activity

Not sure if this further solidifies my weirdness but my new favorite activity these days is weeding the garden! For a self professed plant killer, I am so happy to finally be useful.  There is something incredibly soothing and trance-like about getting those buggers out of the garden AND it is quite a workout.  I never knew this […]

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Baking With Kids

Asha baking cupcakes

Last week Asha helped me bake a cake for Arjun’s birthday.  And when I say “bake” I truly mean it. She measured, sifted, cracked, mixed, and kept insisting on tasting the batter at every stage to make sure it was “just right”.

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