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Navratri Garba 2018

Navaratri (नवरात्रि) which literally translates to nine (nava) nights (ratri) is an Indian folk dance festival that lasts for - you guessed it - nine nights, and celebrates Goddess Durga’s victory in the battle against the buffalo demon Mahishasuran. While it is observed all over India, it is especially celebrated with much fan fare in… Continue reading Navratri Garba 2018

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Grandparents Love Hello Namaste! Books too

Just like in English, Hindi too has many endearing ways to refer to grandparents. Pictured above are my parents Jayshree and Jayesh, whom my kids lovingly call Jay-baa (“baa” for grandma) and Jay-da (“da” for grandpa"). Ila and Dinesh, their paternal grandparents are simply daadee (grandma) and daadaa (grandpa). And since we are talking about… Continue reading Grandparents Love Hello Namaste! Books too

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Doodling and Tracing is Allowed

Unless it's a coloring book, kids are usually encouraged not to write on the books they read. But that you can ignore this rule when it comes to the Hello Namaste! board books.  The high-gloss laminated pages, make it OKAY for kids to use dry erase markers to doodle, trace, and color. Here is Arjun,… Continue reading Doodling and Tracing is Allowed

Hello Namaste! Books

Rhyming Makes All the Difference

I learned Hindi and Gujarati languages as a child while growing up in Ahmedabad, India. This is to say that I have no recollection of the strategies that my teachers and parents used to teach me new vocabulary. When I was creating the Hello Namaste! Numbers book, I knew that I needed to think beyond… Continue reading Rhyming Makes All the Difference

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Motherhood and Inspiration

Becoming a mother has a way to unleash many hidden talents and emotions. Things like functioning without sleep; not showering for days and thinking nothing of it; eating your child's half chewed food because honestly you spent too much time, energy, and money to make it. For me, it also unleashed this amazing drive to be… Continue reading Motherhood and Inspiration

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Hey Universe, Hello Namaste! Books Are Ready For Pre-order

Have you read Kobi Yamada's What Do You Do With An Idea? It's a beautifully illustrated children's book and I've been thinking about it a lot lately as I finally start my world domination with the Hello Namaste! Hindi books! [Pre-order Here]. Just like the little boy in the book who gets followed around with a tiny… Continue reading Hey Universe, Hello Namaste! Books Are Ready For Pre-order