Growing up in Ahmedabad, India, learning how to read and write in Hindi was something that happened so naturally that I don’t even remember doing it! And like all wonderful things that first get taken for granted, I too spent a lot of time forgetting the power of speaking different languages and able to connect with people and hearing their stories which you otherwise might miss.

Nothing like having kids to remind you of your roots though. amiright? When I came short in my search for fun and whimsical books that would teach my kids Hindi vocabulary, I thought, why not fix that myself!

Fast forward to many long nights of illustrating, coloring, and learning how to use publishing software (which by the way was very humbling to me), copyrighting forms, etc. etc. I am finally *this* close to making sure YOU too have these books for your own enjoyment! It’s been a labor of love – almost like having a 4th kid!

Check back soon for when this set of 4-board-books go on sale! I should also have a schedule of book launch parties that you can attend locally (for now)!! Because let’s admit it, I didn’t do this to be bland and boring!


Hello Namaste! Purchase Options
Premium 4-Pack $27.00 USD
Hello Namaste! Animals $8.99 USD
Hello Namaste! Colors $8.99 USD
Hello Namaste! Numbers $8.99 USD
Hello Namaste! Foods $8.99 USD
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