Life Lately …

I have only been back home since Sunday night but it feels like I never left. Paris seems like a distant past and I am back in the swing of things without missing a beat. You know, chasing goblins, squeezing babies, baking cakes, and all that other jazz.

Hope you are well too! Happy November! :)

Curious George and Man with the Yellow Hat
Butterfinger = one of my least favorite candy
Say cheese! My OG and the newbie.
Arjun made a cross eyed pumpkin and named him Justin. Justin is 19 years old and likes to run, eat, watch TV, and play. Fun fact: he is smart.
Early mornings with these two = Be still my heart!
Smitten Kitchen “Ultimate Banana Bread” in a cake pan instead of a loaf pan.
I got a little too used to taking selfies in Paris I suppose that I couldn’t help this one! ;)

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