Perspective That’s Often Left Out

Of the many things that make me, me, is the need for small vignettes around the home that act as my calming tool when I start to lose it for one reason or another.

The picture shared above is an example of a simple but very pretty spot in the kitchen where things came together when I had some apples, limes, and flowers that needed a home. The wood block and the pop of the kitchen napkin were the two intentional elements that brought together three things that otherwise would have gotten lost in the chaos.

But take a step back and you will see the context in which that calming vignette exists.

There was a time not too long ago – by which I mean last week – when I would have shared that pretty vignette on my Instagram with a rather predictable message that suggested everything except the chaos that gave birth to it.

Last week I deleted the Facebook and Instagram apps from my phone temporarily to give myself more time to catch up on my reading and writing. I had simply expected this step to give me more time and nothing else. But it’s surprising how your mind starts to think deeper when the importance is no longer on the instant.

I am not sure how long I will stay off these apps but I am now more curious than ever to see what other thoughts and actions are triggered by not having to constantly check a feed.

{ And in case you are wondering why you are still seeing this post on Facebook, it’s the auto-publish feature offered by WordPress that allows me to never login to Facebook but still share my updates and pictures.}

So yeah, I guess in a nutshell I want to leave you with the thought to always question the perspective before you let someone or something make you feel like you are not enough.

That’s it for now. Have a great week ahead.

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