Grounded { pear tree }

There is a pear tree on the east corner of our yard which D planted not too long after we moved to Raleigh sometime in 2015. This summer it started producing pears that we could actually eat. A lot of pears. Enough to keep the humans and squirrels happy.

With this season’s last harvest my mom made us some pear sauce that we’ve been eating for the last few days. Summer in a bottle it is.

In the last few years I have been thinking more and more about moving away. About a new home somewhere abroad. And then my mom makes us pear sauce from our pear tree in our yard.

There is also a plum tree next to the pear tree. The fig tree is a few yard away on the north corner that produces the best juicy figs. The newest edition is a persimmon tree between the figs and the plums and pears, planted after we visited my cousin in South Carolina with the most delicious persimmons growing in her yard.

I feel all of their roots growing inside of me too. For better or for worse.

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