Wedding Photos

During quiet contemplations, I have often wondered what my kids think it means to be Indian. I don’t keep a shrine at home, I don’t wear Indian clothes, I speak English, I spend too much time trying to be French, I don’t cook very many Indian things, I don’t have many Indian friends, I don’t go to the temple, and worst of all, I don’t watch Bollywood movies.

From time to time, I do worry that as their mother and caretaker I have dropped the ball in imparting Indianness to their self awareness. There are worse things I could be failing at, I tell myself. I tell myself further that they will eventually join the Indian students association in college and learn on their own terms. But still, I worry you know, from time to time, as mothers do.

Alas, I can sleep better now knowing that after this past weekend spent in Canada celebrating in a big family wedding, there is no doubt that my kids are all caught up. What a weekend it was – filled with nothing but Indian food, Indian music, Indian clothes, and best of all Indian aunties. It was also interesting to be in a community where Indian stores and Indian people were everywhere – Just like being in India.

I was proud when Arjun, my pickiest picker, rated this sensory-overload experience as “between super great and good”. He even announced that he wants to have an Indian wedding because there is no kissing.

On that note, here are some pictures from the wedding weekend! Enjoy.

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