Best Podcasts Moms Can Listen to During Long-Haul Travels

Summer vacation is upon us. And if your plans include road trips and travels with your family, I am excited to share this guest post by Eloise Rowley.

Although podcasts were initially created in the early 2000s, with the invention of the iPhone, the medium didn’t have the mainstream audience it has now until 2014. Listenership greatly increased due to Serial, an investigative podcast whose first season went viral due to its quality, accessible new format, and riveting storytelling.

Another reason they have become so popular is that people can listen to them while doing other tasks such as driving, cleaning the house, or even traveling. More and more shows are also serving a newer and wider audience– even moms. These types of shows are hosted by women who share their experiences, tips, and advice when it comes to parenting, making them an entertaining yet insightful way to pass the time during long-haul travels. Whether you’re traveling to Spain with your kids or taking a vacation out of state, here are the best mom-centric podcasts you can listen to on your next flight or road trip:

Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting

Psychologist and host Lisa Damour answer hard-hitting questions that moms may have when it comes to parenting and raising their children in the best way possible. Damour uses psychology and personal experiences to give a scientific solution to challenges you may encounter with your kids. With episodes on teenage mental health, dealing with lying children, and the difficulties of step-parenting, this podcast will surely help pass the time of long travels while offering knowledge you can apply when parenting your kids.

The Shameless Mom Academy

Being a mom is a hard job. At times, you may feel dejected, stressed, and exhausted from caring for your children. This is still a highly taboo topic since many people only speak praise when it comes to motherhood. Among the award-winning podcasts listed on Scribd is The Shameless Mom Academy that demystifies what it truly means to be a mother and highlights how despite its trials, being a mom truly is a rewarding and purposeful role. Host Sara Dean gives advice on how to set boundaries, build strength, and form habits so you can find your sense of self in the chaos of motherhood. Long travels are the perfect time to reflect on what being a mom truly means to you and the Shameless Mom Academy is the perfect listen.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

A bit different from the others on this list, this show doesn’t focus necessarily on motherhood but has many episodes and lessons that can apply to raising children and womanhood. Hosted by the former first lady, The Michelle Obama Podcast won the hearts of listeners by humanizing both Michelle and Barack. This show dives into meaningful conversations with guests – often loved ones – to understand the relationships we have and how they make us who we are. Obama also has many episodes such as Family Ties and Growing Up Robinson which tackle parenting from two perspectives– as a child and as a mother. This makes for a great listen during long travels since Michelle Obama can be an inspiration for mothers to know that being a nurturing parent and a strong woman is not mutually exclusive.

Parenting for the Future

If there’s one thing moms know for sure it’s that the future holds uncertainties for your children. With natural phenomena threatening the environment and new discoveries happening every day, Parenting for the Future focuses on being able to give your kids the proper tools they will need to prepare them for what the next years have in store for them. This show tackles everything under the sun from how they can plan for success to steps they can take to preserve the planet. You can listen to this on your next long-haul trip together with your kids so you all can hear advice you might need to prepare them and strategies they can use in the future, engaging your kids while also offering you great insights and approaches to raise them ready for adulthood

Thanks Eloise! I am always on the hunt for a new podcast addiction and I am excited to give these a try.

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