Marigolds at the Garden Store

While running errands with D. the other day – something we seldom do together these days – he suggested we stop by our local garden store Logan’s to pick up marigolds for our yard.

The bright orange and yellows of marigolds are forever associated in my mind with Indian weddings I attended as a kid in Ahmedabad. Weddings were the venue was a plot of land – as big as a football field or two. With hundreds and thousands of guests eating and chatting and moving about during the hours long ceremony. Where the kids ran around free range, not so sneakily using the marigolds from the decorations as pellets to knock each other out in the game of cops and thieves. Can you even imagine !?? = )

While D. picked and paid for the flowers, I walked around the garden store taking a few pictures with my DSLR. I thought I’ll share them with you here. Happy gardening to all!

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