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Hello Namaste! Books for All

Hi friends! It’s been a hot second since I said a few words about my Hello Namaste! Books. Given that Diwali is just days away, quickly followed by the holiday season, I thought now is a good time to check-in with you and remind you of all the wonderful reasons you should add these books to your shopping list for the littles.

If you haven’t already read my back-story, let me quickly catch you up by saying that I illustrated, designed, and published these books after coming short on finding fun Hindi first-word books for my kids. If you know us Indians, you know how much we love to make education our #1 priority. Sometimes though, this dedication is counter intuitive to creating something playful. The Hindi books that I did find in the market at the beginning of this journey, felt very serious and school-y.

What happened to FUN I said! My kids would easily grab a picture board book in English because they were colorful and bright and cheerful. I couldn’t say the same about those other Hindi books.

When you open the Hello Namaste Books, you notice silliness, colors, whimsical illustrations, and a non-traditional pronunciation key that is super easy to pick-up and remember. The books are an invitation for the kids to grab a dry erase pen and doodle the heck out to pretend that they too are big kids writing and reading big words!

The books are also an invitation for grandparents to read with their grandchildren and learn a new language together, or if you are Indian, to share a language near and dear to their heart, with a new generation.

Thanks to my four kids, I can also tell you that these books are nearly indestructible. The set we use daily has been spilled on, drooled on, stepped on, and everything-else-on, but somehow we just wipe away and carry on.

These books are my babies. Before I mail each set, I give them a little hug and a squeeze and tell them to be good, and have lots of fun in their new homes with their new friends! Each page exudes my enthusiasm, my culture, and my love.

And if all of the above hasn’t convinced you enough – or if you truly are an Indian like me who loves a good deal, ha! – Each set of Hello Namaste! books is only $15.


Four whimsical, educational, and fun first-word board books in Hindi and English for Animals, Colors, Foods, and Numbers are just $15 +S&T. You can order them immediately here in the BOOKSHOP or on Amazon if that happens to be the only place you now shop at! In stock and ready to ship, unlike those other things sitting on a ship.

I hope you make the Hello Namaste! Books part of your holiday shopping! Happy Reading!

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