A Cookbook made with love

About 12 or so years ago, my sister-in-law Komal made this cookbook-scrapbook as a bridal shower present for me. I am practically in tears of happiness as I look through it today. Each page is transporting me back to my now enviable existence in DC with Komal and all these lovely ladies!

I remember this cookbook being my most favorite present then, and I had vowed to use it religiously. It was their sendoff to me as I left DC for Chicago, and a way for me to keep eating things they were so good at cooking for me.

I am embarrassed that I haven’t looked at this in the last few years, but boy am I glad to get reacquainted with it now. One of my new years resolutions is to try three new recipes each month and I plan to pick something from here for my next trail.

Komal, thank you. Again. From the bottom of my heart. For creating this for me. I appreciate it even more today than I did then. And to Christina, Steph, Angel, Annie, Anchal and Geeta, thanks for reminding me that once upon a time I did love cooking for others more than anything else!

This also begs the question – Do you still have something you received as a wedding/bridal shower gift that you still use and cherish today?

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