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Indian Snack to accompany your Hello Namaste books

Not that I need to invent a new reason to share a delicious Indian snack with you, but hey, these really do go well as a side to my Hello Namaste! books. ; )

Khari Shing or salty peanuts, might not seem so exclusively Indian, but trust me, these are different! From what my mom-in-law has taught me, Khari Shing is made by first boiling the peanuts and then roasting them dry with salt. I also believe that the variety of the peanut used in making these are different than what you find in American supermarkets.

Hey Mom-in-law! Please chime in if I didn’t get this right. : )

While there are several brands out there, the one I am sharing with you today is by Sikandar and can be easily found in Indian grocery stores like Patel Brothers and others. It retails for $3.99 each.

Each bag is vacuum packed for ultimate freshness. The peanuts inside still have their skins which add something extra to the salty flavor.

Sikandar Premium Khari Shing snack bag
Sikandar Premium Khari Shing snack bag

While it is hard to explain exactly why this saltiness is different than the saltiness you might have tried from a peanut jar, I do know that the taste is very different. My foodie friends who are more versed in their food terminology please help out describing the flavor if you have tried these already.

Mixing the Khari Shing with dry roasted chickpeas (also available in Indian grocery stores) results in the ultimate protein-packed Indian snack of Shing Chanaa which, I assure you, every child in India grows up eating this – the ones purchased from street vendors and wrapped in newspaper cones being the best ones.

Sikandar Premium Khari Shing mixed with roasted chickpea channa

So there you go my lovelies, something new to explore right along with the books. If you try them, please let me know what you think.

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