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Exciting News about Hello Namaste! Books

Hi friends! It’s been a while since I talked about my Hello Namaste! book-set here, hasn’t it!? Well, I am breaking the silence today with some exciting news.

First, a short history …

Arjun, my second-born was just around 6-months old when I had the idea of creating simple picture books that taught children first words in both English and Hindi. At that point in time, my search in bookstores – online and otherwise – hadn’t proved fruitful in the kind of illustrations and whimsy I was craving in bilingual books. So I took it upon myself to self illustrate and self publish. If I had known how hard it would be, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Sometimes, it’s good not to know everything when you start a project, amiright!? ; )

After hundreds of hours of hard work, tears, and sweat, in 2017 I finally held the very first copies of the 4-board-book-set and was ready to share them with the world. The whole process had felt like having a baby. It probably felt that way also because I did just have a new baby. Ajay, my third-born joined our family in 2017 too, and made life so much more interesting and fun.

And now for the big news …

Today March 1st, 2021, on the 1-month birthday of Ari, my fourth-born (!!!!!!), I am happy to share that the Hello Namaste! book-set is now on a permanent retail price of $15 per set in the Antibland Bookshop and on Amazon. That’s four board books with first words for Animals, Foods, Numbers, and Colors in Hindi and English – all for just $15 (plus shipping and tax when applicable). Forgive me that I now sound like an informercial!

The books had an original retail price of $32/set. A tad higher than what I would have liked, but such is the reality when it’s an individual’s hard work, versus mass production in a factory. Thankfully you showed up and proved with your dollars that these books were worth the investment.

As more sales rolled in over these last few years I was able to lower the price bit by bit. Until today, when I think I have it exactly where I’d like it. Hopefully now they are accessible to more people and organizations who are focused on diversity and inclusion, especially via children’s books.

Hello Namaste! Book-sets now only $15 each at Antibland Bookshop and on Amazon.

So friends, go forth and indulge! and THANK YOU for making this happen. You are the ones who have proved over and over again that a little dream can go a long way! And for that I am eternally grateful!

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