Welcome to the Week of GIVEAWAYS

Thanks to the greatest TV show ever made, Seinfeld, I am going to assume that we all know about the Two Worlds Theory. Unlike Independent George however, I am so, so ready for my two worlds to collide and come together. What two worlds you ask?

Well, there is this space that you are familiar with. The Antibland Chronicles is where I have been writing specifically about this and that since 2008. The second space, called was created almost two years ago to accompany my sweet and precious Hello Namaste! Children’s Board Books. At some point, in these two websites, my interests and personalities started getting divided.

No more I say! I am bringing my two worlds together and celebrating with a week of daily GIVEAWAYS!!!


This BONANZA is going to include a set of the Hello Namaste! board book set along with a gift-card relating to all the things that I LOVE to write about on The Antibland Chronicles – reading, biking, traveling, drinking coffee, styling, crafting – you get the point.

There will be a daily winner picked at random at midnight Monday (5/11) – Friday (5/15) of this week. The Giveaway will be hosted on Instagram and on Facebook so make sure you are following and checking those spaces: @TheAntibland, @Hello.Namaste.World, and Facebook @TheAntibland.

WELCOME to all the new eyes looking at this space. THANK YOU to all of you who have followed me along for so many years. I hope you enjoy this treat.

Feature Cover Image Credit: @bukowski

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