Fancy Gifts for Mom 2020

First things firsts. I am strictly opposed to receiving store bought Mother’s Day gifts at this point in life because my kids don’t make their own money. And because I spend all my money on buying them craft supplies. ; )

That being said, there sure are some nice and fancy things out there to make a mom feel extra special. If you are looking to put some extra love into celebrating Mother’s Day in Le Quarantine, may I suggest these five fancy gifts for mom …

  1. Jasmine Candle by Diptyque
  2. Tigre Royal Fleuri Scarf by Herm├Ęs
  3. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett
  4. Jane Austen Book Club 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
  5. Dark Chocolate Lindor truffles by Lindt

My mom would disagree with this list and simply say that spending time together is all she ever wants. Which is exactly why she would deserve all of these things and more!

I love you mom. = )

My mom on her wedding day.

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