Hello Namaste! Books

Grandparents Love Hello Namaste! Books too

Just like in English, Hindi too has many endearing ways to refer to grandparents. Pictured above are my parents Jayshree and Jayesh, whom my kids lovingly call Jay-baa (“baa” for grandma) and Jay-da (“da” for grandpa”). Ila and Dinesh, their paternal grandparents are simply daadee (grandma) and daadaa (grandpa).

And since we are talking about grandparents, I should probably also tell you what “spoiled” translates to in Hindi since that is the unofficial duty of any grandparent ;).

Spoiled = बिगाड़ना (Bee-Gaurd-Naa).

Recently, I received a note from a dad saying he was purchasing the Hello Namaste! Board Book Set for the grandparents so that they can read them to his kids as well as their cousins and other little humans that might come by for a visit! How BRILLIANT!!

Indeed, Hello Namaste! books and toys are a wonderful way for grandparents to spend time with their grandkids!

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