Obama and his staff

On ocassional  Fridays I would like to share with you my favorite pictures  from The White House’s Flickr Photostream. All pictures in each series will share a theme giving us a chance to see our president’s more casual and fun side. Happy Friday!
I first started watching Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing in 2013 during my third trimester of pregnancy. All seven seasons of the show by then were on Netflix and conveniently I had a lot of time to kill. Devang and I would binge watch 3 sometimes 4 episodes a night and still could hardly wait to catch up on the rest. I joked that Asha would come out knowing the theme song. Needless to say The West Wing is my favorite TV drama (at least the first 5 seasons) and I’ll even admit to catching myself asking “what would President Bartlet do?” when I am watching the news these days. 
This week, I wanted to share pictures from the real West Wing which remind me of the scenes and characters from the TV series. You West-Wing fans out there, let me know what you think. And for those who have never seen it before, all I can say is that I am jealous that you still get to experience it for the first time.
A perfectly picturesque DC night showcasing the White House. 
Josh and Toby scheming.
Passing the note, Leo McGarry 
Donna helping herself to the conversations in Josh’s office.
Charlie trying to catch a snow flake?
Sam pulling an all nighter and revising the speech for the 15th time! He is such a perfectionist!

Just like President Bartlet stopping and sharing some absurd, random, but scholarly fact in the middle of an important discussion.  
CJ Cregg before making an entrance. 

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